At CrossFit Frantic our motto is simple, be present, work hard and reap the results! We also believe a gym should be as minimalist as possible allowing space for athletes to play and learn new things! Things you will see at Frantic:

– Happy smiling people, achieving things they never thought possible

– Coaches, guiding, motivating and teaching people to become the best version of themselves.

– Everything from weightlifting, to kettlebells, to bodyweight conditioning to cardio we do it all, with a focus on functional movement.

– Bare feet, chalk, sweat and space to play!

– Challenging, fun workouts with constant variety and a multitude of different ways to get you fit.

– Fist bumps and high fives. No one leaves without receiving one!

– A place where everyone knows your name and cares about your results.

Here we train hard, we laugh, we suffer together and we improve ourselves. With Frantic, you are never just a number. If you don’t make it to your scheduled class, we will make follow up calls to see where you are – that’s because we don’t do excuses, only results!