Be Inspired

At CrossFit Frantic we are dedicated to seeing our members get results through their hard work. Here are some kind words and stories from some of our happy and satisfied members.



“Do you know why I drive 45minutes three mornings a week to train at Frantic before working a 10 hour day? Because of the people! Sure the programming, the knowlege, the experience, the guidance… everything that Frantic offers as a fitness business is “on point”… but it’s the atmosphere, the fun and the non-judgey pants wearing individuals who walk in that door each day and have a laugh while achieving their goals! No matter if you’re at elite or at beginner level, or want to work to get to either of those levels or anywhere in between, Frantic has whatever you need.” Jasmine



“I started at Frantic at the end of 2013 while I was on the tail end of the worst time in my life and at a very susceptible time/ could have very easily fallen back into old traps.
My Frantic family took me in and gave me a group of really great people to help me grow into a lot stronger person emotionally/mentally (and physically obviously). They have got to know me well enough to know when I am falling into a bit of a hole and they are all there to call me on it and help me out.
Frantic offers everything you could possibly need to get your running 100% and achieving your goals, from personalized programs to target your specific goals, to nutrition, physio, etc.
Sean, Kim B, Chloe, J-Rad, Phoebee and all the part time coaches work so hard to constantly learn more, improve themselves and improve other people and their hard work shows in all the Frantic crew.
The improvements in 1.5 years I have seen in myself and all the crew there is phenomenal (like adding 62.5kg to my back squat in 1.5 years for example) .. its such an exciting and rewarding place to be “. Kim T



“I started at Frantic 18 months ago. Could not be happier there. Sean and his team of coaches are very focused on high quality training and are always very concerned to ensure that their clients learn good form with every movement taught to ensure minimised risk of injury. My strength speed and endurance has greatly improved since being starting with Frantic.  Kim Bunney is a highly trained nutritionally who ensures that we know what are the best things to eat in order to get the best performance out of us  If things go wrong (and I definitely know I push myself to my limits . Chloe the physio is always available to fix the problem.  Can’t recommend Frantic strongly enough. Come on down and have a look. You will be welcomed enthusiastically”. Dave



“I can not speak highly enough of frantic I came for my first session as soon as the doors opened and right from the start coach coote changed my mindset on what it is to be fit. Taking the emphasis away from looks and weight to improving health and well being. I found myself taking pride in what my body was capable of rather than how it looked. I think this is a valuable lesson for anyone”. Claire


“Just wanted to send you a quick email to express how grateful I am to you and Crossfit Frantic for all your support and encouragement over the past few months. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication but over the past week or so I have managed to tick off some of my big goals and I couldn’t be happier. Yay! I can finally do pull-ups and double unders!

My strength, stamina and flexibility have never been better and I never would of been able to achieve the results I have working out at home, or the gym (which work provides to me for free!).

Thanks for creating such a fun and supportive community at the box. I genuinely look forward to coming in every day.”