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CrossFit Frantic is not just a CrossFit box, it’s a community you can join that focuses on functional fitness. As a fully-equipped fitness facility, our goal is to find your true potential through our professional coaching service. We cover everything that’s movement-based and offer a number of additional services, including nutrition, physiotherapy, competition programming and personal training. We’ll do everything in our power to help you become the best version of you!

What we do

CrossFit Frantic aims to deliver a holistic service, which allows you to get the very best results in health and fitness achievement.

Our services include:

  • CrossFit classes
  • Personal coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy
  • Competition training

Included in our programmes are the following:

  • Prehab and rehab (for your old habits and issues)
  • Movement patterns and corrections
  • Work capacity – strength, power and skill
  • Mental toughness


Our tiered programming system caters to all goals and fitness levels. Fun is the hallmark of everything we do. Our focus is getting your body back to functioning the way it’s meant to. You shouldn’t have to suffer from what society deems acceptable, such as:

  • A bad back
  • Slumped posture
  • Being sick all the time
  • Low on energy and drive
  • Being out of shape
  • Constantly in pain
  • With low self-confidence

Not on our watch! We’re here to show you how life really should be, and not to settle for an average one. Life is too short for average as we’re only blessed with one body in this lifetime.

We are here to transform you and take you to the fitness level that you want. We offer everything you need all in one place – all you have to do is turn up and put in some effort.


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit challenges the status quo of what fitness is about. It’s revolutionary in that it will change the way you look at fitness forever. At CrossFit Frantic we encompass this by covering many aspects of functional movements (what your body was designed to do) and mix in additional elements, with constant variation to create a fitness programme that covers as much as possible. You will jump, run, deadlift, squat, push up, pull up and use a multitude of movements from Olympic lifting, powerlifting, Strongman, gymnastics and a lot more. What’s most important, is that everything we do is measurable and repeatable – so you can measure how much your fitness is improving over time!

You don’t have to be fit to start!

Asking whether you need to already be fit is the question we hear the most. You are here to get fit or fitter! Often people will watch a CrossFit video clip and think to themselves ‘I can’t do that’, and that’s understandable. But what’s important to understand is everything we do in CrossFit is infinitely scalable, meaning no matter what level of fitness you start at you can do any workout, no matter what. We make sure your technique is perfect before increasing intensity and have different variations of each movement to ensure you remain safe and get the desired result from the workout.

Anybody can do CrossFit – any age, any fitness level, everyone benefits from the program. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a grandmother, soldier, athlete, someone who’s never exercised before in their life or is simply looking for something new, here at Frantic we have something to offer everyone.

Contact us and let’s begin making you the best version of yourself!

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